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Over the years, with the help of many correspondents and relatives I have compiled  histories for several of the family branches from which I and my children are descended.

Some of these have been published in booklet form and distributed, much remains in files and boxes on my shelves and computers.

I finally thought that it was time that I shared this information with a wider audience - many of whom will find it of direct relevance.


Please feel free to browse and if you have any amendments, corrections, additions or comments, please let me know.

Kath Bonson

crest colour


The Bonsons of London & Altrincham


holbrough crest1


The Holbroughs of Winchcombe & Goole


Midgley crest1


The Midgleys of the North and East Ridings

N.B. - Don’t take the crests seriously!!

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