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aaron cropAaron Midgley

He was born in 1850 in Strensall, North Yorkshire, His christening was on 27 Aug 1850 at Strensall. 

He married Susannah Paley 1872 in Leeds Registration District; she was born in 1853 in Linton Woods, Yorkshire.

His niece, Daisy remembered;

    “The oldest of my Dads brothers was Aaron who was much older than my Dad and who had gone abroad. One day when Marjorie was at home a fellow came walking across the field and knocked at the front door and said, "Hello, I'm your Uncle Aaron from Australia.", which rather shook her because she was in by herself and he certainly wasn't expected.”

He was born in 1850 in Strensall. At his baptism, James was recorded as a labourer. He was probably named after his uncle Aaron Lockwood who went to America.

In 1881 at the census, although he was married, he was at home at Sheriff Hutton with his father and his son William age 6 who had been born at Thorparch.

At the 1891 Census for Huddleston & Lumby, Sherburn District, Aaron is 40 and a foreman, his wife Susannah is 39 and there are 5 children at home. William the oldest at 16 is working as a farm servant. He and 11 year old Gertude were born in Thorpe Arch, Paley was borm in Waplington, James in Ways, and Maud in York - so the family had certainly been moving about! Susannah gives her birthplace as Youtton.

At the 1901 Census for Ferrensby, Knaresborough; Aaron Midgley was a Farmer on his own account aged 51 born in Strensall, Susannah his wife aged 48 born in Linton Woods, Gertrude his daughter aged 21, born in Thorpearch Yorkshire, his son Paley aged 17 a domestic gardener born in Waplington in Yorkshire, James, his 13 year old son born in Wass, Maude his 11 year old daughter born in York, Walter his 9 year old son and Edward F his 6 year old son, both born in Hay & Park?, Yorkshire.

In later life he went to live with his married daughter, Mrs Tennant at West Mew, King Edward Drive, Harrogate. His grandson worked at Wakefield Prison at one time. He is believed to have lived in Knaresborough and had seven children.

"Aaron lived at Knaresborough. He had a family of 7 but I never met any of them. One  of his sons was killed in the first war. His wife Susannah - used to go ‘rolling’ with her head scarf on - short of money" according to his niece Carrie


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