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Alfred Bonson was born in 1847 in Shoreditch, London and was chrisPitfield Street Mintern Sttened on 14 Jan 1851 in Christ Church, Hoxton. 

At the 1881 Census he was living at 53 Haberdasher St, which was described in 1898 during a social survey of the area as;

    “Haberdashers estate – improvement – new set of tenants within the last 2 years – south side rather better than the north side which towards its west end has one or two mixed houses. South of it is Haberdashers street. 3 stories & basement, good, quiet. China pots in front window, clean unbroken windows, white doorsteps, curtains good, all doors shut”

  • Alfred BONSON Head M 33 Shoreditch, Middlesex. Tobacco Mart Warehouseman
  • Martha BONSON Wife M 31 Scotland 
  • Alfred W. BONSON Son   9 Hoxton, Middlesex. Scholar
  • Ernest BONSON Son   6 Hoxton, Middlesex. Scholar

Alfred married Martha Leichman  about 1871. She was buried on 7 Oct 1893 at  Abney Park Cemetry, Stoke Newington(aged 43yrs)  Children from this marriage were:

  • i. Alfred William Bonson was born about Feb 1872 in Hoxton and died about 5 Dec 1957 in Hackney, about age 85. 
  • ii. Ernest Bonson was born about Aug 1874 in Hoxton. 
  • iii. Caroline Lilian Bonson was born about Nov 1876. 
  • iv. Walter Leopold Bonson was born about Aug 1878.


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