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annie cropAnne Elizabeth Midgley

She was born in 1859 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire

She married Mark Blanshard 1889; he died Apr 1939 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

When Anne Elizabeth was born in 1859 the family had moved to Sheriff Hutton.

Her niece Carrie remembered a story about Annie;

    “During the fever which killed Hannah Jane, Elizabeth and their grandmother, Annie and Polly caught the fever and they lost all of their hair. Annie' hair never grew. She was all prim and proper & kept her cap on, but Polly, she used to take her wig off and chase kids and her hair grew! The family used to save their hair combings for her - to get her a wig made. “

Another niece Daisy, remembered;

    “She married Mark Blanchard & had Jim, & Maud & William, Ada, Cyril, Carrie. When I knew them they lived in York. Later they lived at Altofts, in the Castleford area. He was on the railways.”


In the Census of 1881 she was the cook at Sheriff Hutton Park recorded under her middle name. Her sister Mary is also there as a servant. 

Sheriff Hutton Park, Sheriff Hutton W Cornbrough, York
John COATES, M, 26, M, Addingham, York, England, Rel:, Head, Occ:, M A Cantab No Occupation
Mary Eliza COATES, M, 28, F, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Wife,
John COATES, U, 3, M, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Son,
Maude Mary COATES, U, 2, F, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Daughter,
Eliza COATES, U, 6 m, F, Fallowfield, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Daughter,
Benjamin BURK, U, 25, M, Sanby, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Groom Domestic Servt
Edward CASTLING, U, 28, M, Newcastle, Northumberland, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Groom Domestic Servt
Thomas SMITH, U, 21, M, Coln St Atchims, Gloucester, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Footman Domestic Servant
Ellen RUSSELL, U, 24, F, Wotton, Warwick, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Nurse Domestic Servant
Elizabeth MIDGLEY, U, 23, F, Strensall, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Cook Domestic Servant
Mary MIDGLEY, U, 20, F, Strensall, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Underhousemaid Domestic Servt
Clara MORRIT, U, 20, F, Cakwood, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Housemaid Domestic Servt


This is a letter from her daughter about the death of Mark Blanchard to Mrs Jackson, Croft House Wistow 23rd April 1939

    from Maud at 537 Rooley Lane, Bradford

    Dear Aunt Carrie

    Thank you very kindly for your letter of last week. I am back in Bradford but i am far from well. Whether it is the shock or what I don't know but such it was to us all as he been counting up the darts scores for Jim And Willie until 9.30, then Jim and his family went home and he went to bed at 10.30. He had this attack about 1/2 hour after and died in about 10 minutes. It was Apoplexy at the end but I am thankful for much.

    How are you all keeping. Carrie and Willie are fairly well and are staying at Altofts for the present at any rate, Ada is still at Ilkley and Jim at Lupset, Wakefield, they have just had an addition so now they have two boys, Derek and Colin.

    Uncle Willie came to the funeral, he said Hilda Wallis has just had another one that is 6 or 7, I forget which he said. Aunt Lena was just fair he said and Ruth had started work again after Easter, she has had a long spell since before Xmas. How is Carrie, is she still at home with you. We may come over and see you before long as there is no one now to leave and we shall have to get out a bit when we can. The weather has turned cold again but was beautiful all the holidays.

    With love to all

    Your affect. niece Maud.


annie at harriets funeral


Annie at Harriets funeral


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