Benjamin b. 1812

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Benjamin Midgley

He was born 10 Jan 1812 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire, and died Jun 1866. 

He married Mary Bogg 22 Dec 1838 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire, daughter of Jonathan Bogg and Margaret Vasey.  She was born 1819 in Duggleby.


The children of Benjamin Midgley and Mary Bogg were:

  • i. George Midgley, born 1841 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire
  • ii. Aaron Midgley, born 1843 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire. He married (1) Sarah Elizabeth Hindson.  She was born 1857 in Helmsley.  He married (2) Hannah Wilson 1869 in Malton.  She was born 1849 in Rillington. His child with Sarah Hindson was Violetta Midgley, born 1897 in Helmsley. With Hannah Wilson he had Elizabeth Midgley, born 1869 in Huddersfield, Thomas Midgley, born 1874 in Pudsey and Mary Rebecca Midgley, born 1877 in Pudsey.
  • iii. Richard Midgley, born 1848 in Duggleby. He married Mary Nicholson.  She was born 1853 in Brough, Westmoorland. Their children were Frances Midgley, born 1878 and Edith Midgley, born 1891, both in Middlesborough.
  • iv. Mark Midgley, born 1850 in Duggleby. He married Mary Hannah Allison Wilson 1874.  She was born 1853 in Malton. At the 1881 census he was living at New Malton as an agricultural labourer but thought he was only 29. The children of Mark Midgley and Mary Wilson were Thomas Midgley, born 1876 and Maud Midgley, born 1889, both in Malton.
  • v. George Midgley, born 1853 in Duggleby; died 04 Mar 1912 in Acklam Wold, Acklam. He married Lois Amy Nutbrown 27 Mar 1885 in Kirkburn, daughter of James Nutbrown and Mary Sellers.  She was born 1864 in Battleburn Cottages, Kirkburn, and died 1939. He was a farmer who rented land at Langton & Acklam Wold. The children of George Midgley and Lois Nutbrown were:
      • i. Richard Midgley, born 1886 in Langton.
      • ii. Albert Midgley, born 1889 in Langton; died 06 Aug 1908 in Acklam when he was run over by a horse & cart.
      • iii. George Wilfred Midgley, born 1891 in Leavening.  He married Ethel Maud Husband 1915. He was wounded in WW1
      • iv. Lois May Midgley, born 1893 in Leavening.  She married Robert Stork 12 Dec 1915.
      • v. Mark Midgley, born 1900 in Acklam; died Aug 1988.
      • vi. Eva Midgley, born 1902 in Acklam; died Oct 1902 in Acklam.
      • vii. Gladys Midgley, born 1904 in Acklam; died 25 Mar 1919 in the Flu Epidemic
      • viii. Eva Midgley, born 1906 in Acklam; died 1989.  She married Burt Craggs.
      • ix. Thomas Midgley, born 25 May 1908 in Acklam; died 11 Jul 2001 in Uncleby Wold, Kirby Underdale.  He married Grace Owston 02 Feb 1935 in Acklam; born 13 Sep 1915 in Swanland, Yorkshire; died 24 Apr 1999 in York Hospital. Tom was a farmer who retired at age 88 in 1997. Tom had two books written about him, he spent his life farming in the Yorkshire Wolds.
  • vi. Thomas Midgley, born 1855 in Duggleby. In the census of 1861 he is 5 year old at school in Duggleby. In 1871 aged 15  he is a Servant at Wharram-le-Street and in 1881 aged 25 he is an Agricultural Labourer back in Duggleby
  • vii. Hannah Midgley, born 1857 in Duggleby.
  • viii. Benjamin Midgley, born 1860 in Duggleby.
  • ix. Fanny Midgley, born 1863 in Duggleby; died 1946 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire. She married John Thomas Midgley 1887, son of Abel Midgley and Elizabeth.  He was born 1861 in Acklam, and died 1945 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire. The children of Fanny Midgley and John Midgley were William Midgley, born 1889, Emma Midgley, born 1890, Ben Midgley, born 1892, Tom Midgley, born 1894, George Midgley, born 1896 and Ida Midgley, born 1898 - all of them in Duggleby.



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