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carrie cropCaroline Midgley

She was born in 1871 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire; died 03 Dec 1965 in Laburnham Farm, Wistow. 

william crop1She married William Jackson of Oak Farm Wistow on 22 Jun 1904.


Daisy Midgley remembered;

    I often went to Wistow to stay with Aunt Carrie. This was a simple matter of going into York with my parents, meeting up with Carrie and Uncle Jackson and transferring bag and baggage to their mode of transport back to Wistow. I remember one event which scared me while I was there once. I was going in to Selby with my Uncle when the pony shied and almost ran away on Selby bridge. I thought we were going over the top to plummet into the angry looking muddy water down below. I was dreading coming back over the bridge but luckily all was well.

     I used to get on well with Aunt Carrie but Uncle Jackson was really straight laced. They were all frightened to death of him. Us Midgley's used to do all sorts and he never did anything or let his family do anything. Once Old Jackson bought this really nice new car. It was a Morris Oxford, a bull nose we called it. His son, Midgley Jackson used to drive him around in it but something went wrong one day and Uncle Jackson was grumbling at Midgley and his son took the huff and said, "Well, drive it your blooming self then!" So he said, "Well you can put that in the garage and we'll leave it there." And that brand new car was stuck in a garage for I should think ten or fifteen years and nobody drove it. He wouldn't let his daughter Carrie have lessons, "Oh No! A woman didn't drive!", but at turned ninety she could drive a motor mower and cut the grass. She would have driven it like that and probably better than her brother did. She was always a 'Goer on'.

Their children were James William Midgley Jackson (known as Midgley) and Caroline (known as Carrie like her mother) She married Stanley Falkingham.  He died in September 1985

jackson farm wistow

The Jackson Farm at Wistow

Carrie was held in high regard by the family and this was referred to in a letter from her cousin William;

    Dear Cousin,

    Will you pardon the liberty I am taking in this writing to you? The fact is my father has given me such a high character of you for filial kindness, courtesy and self sacrificing affection to your beloved parents and everybody about you that I am induced to write and ask you to execute a small commission for me. I dare say you will be inclined to say - What presumption? Well, perhaps it is - but you must blame father who said, since he returned from Birks Farm - if you want anything doing promptly and well, Ask Carrie. This is my apology for writing to you.

    I wish you to ask Uncle what he would charge me, per ton, for Old Hay, nicely trussed and put on a truck? also what he wants per quarter for new Oats and about when could he let me have them? I have enquired at a local station and find that 2 and a half tons of hay and corn could be sent from Stamford Bridge to Dewsbury for about 23 shillings hence my reason for asking the probable cost at Birks Farm of the hay and say about 6 quarters of oats. I would take it as a personal favour if you would do this small business for me. I am delighted to learn that you are such a clever musician and still more so to learn that you play the Organ at the Wesleyan Chapel - I am a Wesleyan hence my reason for liking you.


She was an active member of the local community;

Postcard to Miss C. Midgley, The Birks, Buttercrambe Stamford Bridge, York. June 6th 1904

    Dear Carrie

    I expected seeing you down at Chapel yesterday. I should have written on Saturday to ask if you would mind playing the harmonium for me at Chapel next Sunday the 12th June as I have got an invitation to go and spend the weekend at Middleton on the Wolds, it being the feast on Friday. I should cycle that evening and stay til Monday morning if you would find it convenient then we shall be pleased for you to stay to tea, if not, well I must come back on Saturday but hope you will be able to come. Will you please write and let me know by Thursday night. Hoping all are well at home and you will not mind. With kindest regards from

    C. Dresser

Card; Half a dozen silver spoons presented to C. Midgley for her services at the chapel presented in June 1893, with Mrs Nottingham’s kind love and best wishes.


Newspaper Cutting 1

    Jackson - On December 3rd (1965) at the residence of her daughter, Laburnum Farm, Wistow Lordship, Caroline in her 95th year, wife of the late William Jackson, Croft House Wistow.

    The death has occurred of Wistow's oldest resident, Mrs Caroline Jackson, who was in her 95th year. She was the widow of the late Mr. William Jackson of Croft House. The funeral took place on Monday in the parish church.


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