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edwin Bonson 1844Edwin Bonson

He was born about Jul 1844 in Hoxton, London and was christened on 14 Jan 1851 in Christ Church, Hoxton. 


1881 Census 62 Mintern St, Hoxton, London, Middlesex

  • Edwin BONSON Head 36 London, Middx Clerk
  • Mary A. BONSON Wife 34 London, Middx 
  • Edwin BONSON Son 14 London, Middx Office Boy
  • Emily BONSON Daur 10 London, Middx Scholar
  • Herbert BONSON Son 12 London, Middx Errand Boy
  • Florence BONSON Daur  8  London, Middx Scholar
  • Leonard BONSON Son  6 London, Middx Scholar
  • Ann BONSON Sister 32 London, Middx Envelope Folder

A later occupation was as a  Printer's warehouse manager


mary Ann Warne 1846Edwin married Mary Ann Warne about Aug 1865 . She died at the age of only 36. 


Children from this marriage were:

 i. Edwin William Bonson was born on 19 Jun 1866 in 22 Provost St, Hoxton, New Town (London), Middlesex., was christened on 15 Jul 1866 in St Leonards, Shoreditch., died on 26 Dec 1955 in Buckinghamshire, at age 89, and was buried in Birmingham. 

 ii. Herbert Alfred Bonson was born about Aug 1868 in Shoreditch, London and died after 1954, after age 86. 

 iii. Emily Mary Ann Bonson was born about Feb 1871 in Shoreditch. 

 iv. Florence Elizabeth Bonson was born about Feb 1873 in Shoreditch, London and died on 13 Dec 1884 in the Workhouse, Westmoreland Rd, Walworth, Surrey age 11. 

 v. Leonard Stanley Bonson was born about Aug 1874 in Shoreditch. 

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