George b.1877

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George Holbrough (1877-1918)

In the 1891 Census of Winchcombe, George at 14 was a Farmers Boy still living at home with his parents.


By the 1901 Census of Goole, George is single and 26 and described as a Railway Point Shunter. He was staying with his brother Charles, his wife and four children.


He was married to Annie (Cissie) Makin. She later re married and became Annie Shellabear. She lived at 9 Napier Street in Keighley.




memorial ribbon





He served and died in the First World War. He would have been 37 at the outbreak of the war and appears to have been living in Keighley, West Yorkshire by then.

In the army he was Sapper WR/30306  of the 329th Quarry Coy., Royal Engineers. He died on Friday 8th November 1918 At Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot, age 41. He was buried at Utley Cemetery, Keighley.



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