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Hannah Midgley by Fawcett 1 (1)Hannah Midgley

She was born in 1869 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire; died in Newcastle. 

ned crop

She married Edward Elliot from Tynemouth; he died 13 May 1955.


Their children were Caroline, Clem, Maggie, Ruth and Walter.





Reminiscences of Daisy Midgley:

    Of my aunts on my fathers side I knew my  Aunt Hannah from Tynemouth quite well.

    In my childhood in the early twenties, going on holiday usually meant being billeted on relatives for a week or two of the summer holidays. My cousin Meg came from Tynemouth to stay with us and pleaded to be allowed to take me back with her. This was not a success, as I cried for my Mother and had to be brought back home. Well! I was only two or three years old at the time so what did they expect! I later went to Tynemouth on numerous occasions to stay with Aunt Hannah, sometimes accompanied by my Mother and sometimes alone. Plonked on the train at York and met at Newcastle. I looked out for Durham Cathedral and the Floral Clock at Newcastle station. One of the highlights of a visit up north was an outing to Whitley Bay.

    Most years, Uncle Ned would come from Tynemouth to visit us for a couple of weeks and as he was a carpenter, he would do any of the mending and woodworking jobs that were needed around the farm. I really used to enjoy him coming. One year they put up a Dutch Barn and he stayed for a month. He was tall and thin with thick, white hair that he really lost and oh, he had a lovely accent. After being used to broad Yorkshire all year, to have this Geordie thrown in was lovely. Mind you Dad wasn't that broad and my mum had a Gloucestershire accent.

    Now Mother was always called Aunt Grace by certain members of our family. Her name was Elizabeth but for some reason she got Aunt Grace from certain branches of the family. I don't know where it originated. Uncle Ned wasn't always very impressed with my brothers. He would say, " Grace, I don't know how you cope with these lad's! Buggers o'hell they are! Buggers o'hell."

Carries postcards - Gosforth from Hannah

Postcard to Carrie Midgley at Birks Farm, Stamford Bridge, York. Dec 24th 1903

    Dear sister and all,
    Just to wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year when it come. hope you are all well as it leaves us all. Love H.E.

Letter to Mrs C Jackson, Croft House Wistow 26th August 1950

    From Hannah, 3 Edith Street, Tynemouth
    My Dear Sister,
    I received your letters and was pleased to hear you had arrived back home safely. I felt a bit lonely after you had gone but when I tell you the events of the next day, you will know I didn't remain lonely long. There was a car load landed from Appleton, Ned and Carrie, Jack and his wife with their two youngest kiddies. Jack and his wife with their youngest returned next morning then they came back on the 23rd and stayed two days. They just went back last night with the family and Carrie. I just wish you could have seen my house after they had gone. it was very unsettled weather but that did not stop them fetching buckets of sand and bits of fish. The kiddies had got little crabs and starfish, scattered them all over and most unruly children when their parents are with them. I was glad when they got off.
    Ruth has been in today, Sat and helped me to tidy the place up, she says what a dirty lot they are.
    Now I will change the subject. Ned is at home. He was not too well when he came but is feeling better now. Pat got back on the Friday, she had a lovely holiday. There was 5 of them by car, they had been in Scotland and near Blackpool, a proper tow round. She was OK and quite brown but not as bad as Carrie. How are they getting along and have you still got her with you at nights. Walter is away this week at York, Olive wrote for him to go there. I wonder if he has been to see you yet. I heard from Clem this AM. He says Willy Lofthouse is having some trouble with Edwin about the house, they want him to get out and have gone as far as to send the inspector to visit the property. He says his sons have all turned against him. I feel sorry for him but he should be in a smaller place. Clem says he calls to see him as he is so lonely and downhearted.
    Well now I think I have told you all the latest and hope you are keeping well, with kind love to you and hope to hear from you sometime soon, from your loving sister
    I have felt today as if I had been out in a big wind and was trying to calm down.


Letter to Mrs Jackson, Croft House Wistow May 13th 1955 reporting the death of Ned Elliot

    My Dear Aunt Carrie,

    My father passed away at 1/4 past 4 this morning he has been gradually sinking since his illness a year ago. We are taking him to Wark to be beside mother. I think the funeral will be on Tuesday. I have Meg with me here.

    Best love to you both, your loving neice,


Hannah Midgley by Fawcett 2

hannah midgley

hannah midgley at harriets funeral

Ned Elliot & 2 kids (1)

Hannah Midgley

Hannah in middle age

Hannah at Harriets Funeral

Ned Elliot with two children

ned & Hannahs wedding day 2nd wedding

hannahs wedding all guests (1)

Another photo from Hannah & Ned’s wedding - location unknown

Hannah & Neds wedding - photo outside Birk House Farm

Hannahs wedding 1
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