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HarrietHarriet Midgley

She was born on 19 Apr 1867 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire; died 05 Sep 1922 in Charles XII Inn, Heslington. 

At the time of her birth her father was described as a Farm Bailiff living at High Roans, Sheriff Hutton.

joe cropShe married Joseph William Wallis on 2nd Oct 1894 in Bossall; he was born in 1867. He was a coachman, son of William Wallis, a cab proprietor. He served in the 1st World War.


At the time of ther marriage at the age of 27 she was living at Buttercrambe where her father was a farmer. Her father and sister Carrie were witnesses.




'Daisy Midgley remembered that she was one of my aunts on her fathers side that she knew. She had  pubs  at Cawood and Heslington. Her children were Jim, Arthur, Hilda, Osbert, Herbert & Leslie

Carries postcards - Elvington from Harriet

Postcard to Carrie Jackson, Oak Farm, Wistow, nr Selby. Nov 15 1905 - view of Elvington

    Gray Horse
    Dear Sis & all
    Just a line in answer to yours. I hope you are all well as can be. Excuse p.c. will write soon. You have a good lady with you. We had great doings here last night (Concert). Carrie did the clubs. We had also Dr Walford H Smith from Cawood, G. Farby , W. Weaver from Selby. It is awfully cold. I do not know when I shall get to see you Carrie. Mother wants me at home the end of this month. Love to all from Harriet & family.
    See Jim on the road.

Carries postcards - Elvington from Harriet 1908


Postcard to Carrie Jackson, Oak Farm, Wistow, nr Selby. Dec 31 1908 - view of Elvington

    Dear C.
    Just a line to wish you all a very happy new year. I was pleased your little ones got alright again. We have all been bad in turns. I intended writing sooner but I have had such a lot to do. Love to all from all. I am ever yours etc. Har.


harriet & joe wallis 1908

joe wallis & harriet & 2 children col

Harriet in Southport (1)

Harriet Midgley by Monkhouse

Harriet & Joe Wallis 1908

Joe Wallis & Harriet & 2 children

Harriet & Selina in Southport

Harriet as a child

Lilly Johnson joe wallis Herbert w Carrie Elliot Harriet Sarah Johnson Jim W Arthur w Hilda W Osbert w

Back. Lilly Johnson, Joe Wallis Herbert wallace held by Carrie Elliot, Harriet, Sarah Johnson

Front. Jim Wallace, Arthur Wallace, Hilda Wallace, Osbert Wallace

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