Jane Lockwood

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Jane Lockwood

She was born 1821 in Scagglethorpe, and  christened on 19 Aug, Kirkby Gryndlyth. She married Nicholas Graham 29 May 1845 in Wharram Percy.  He was born 1806 in Thixendale.


The children of Jane Lockwood and Nicholas Graham were:

    • i. Amy Graham, born 1848 in Thixendale.
    • ii. Nicholas Graham, born 1850 in Thixendale.
    • iii. Rachel Graham, born 1851 in Thixendale.
    • iv. Jane Graham, born 1854 in Thixendale.
    • v. Thomas Graham, born 1856 in Thixendale.
    • vi. William Graham, born 1856 in Thixendale.
    • vii. Harriet Graham, born 1858 in Thixendale.
    • viii. Anne Graham, born 1863 in Thixendale.
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