Jane Midgley

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Carries albumAunt Jane (1)Jane Midgley

She was born about 1821 in Strensall, North Yorkshire, and died in Easingwold. 

She married William Frazer 29 Mar 1840 in Strensall. 


She may possibly be the same person as Mary Midgley, born 1820 in Strensall, North Yorkshire 3 months after the death of her father who was christened on 7th Jul 1820. The dates for Jane come from the census and it is possible that she used a middle name.

From Carrie Falkingham, granddaughter of James

    James had a sister Jane. He had one who reckoned to know all of the languages in the known world. This Jane - she lived out Easingwold way. When there was a fever on - I don't know what year that was but Hannah Jane & Elizabeth were two of James kiddies & their grandmother who lived with them were sent to Easingwold out of the way of this fever. And they came back and they all 3 got it and they all 3 died.

    Jane was married. Uncle used to come & visit & he was very deaf & Grandmother kept bees and had her own honey. "Would you like a bit of honey for your tea?"  "They doan't bring any tea to that home"


1851 census Stillington, Easingwold

    William Frazer 36  Ag Lab b Easingwold
    Jane Frazer 30  b Strensall
    Elizabeth Frazer 10  scholar b Strensall
    Thomas Farrow 3  visitor b Manchester, Lancashire


1861 census Easingwold

    William Frazer 46  Ag Lab b Easingwold
    Jane Frazer 41  b Strensall
    Mary H Leonard 4  boarder b Dunsforth


1871 Census Easingwold

    William Frazer 56  Carter
    Jane Frazer 51  Carters Wife
    Arthur Robshaw 8  grandson b Sutton


1881 Census Easingwold, Long Street

    William Frazer 60  Coal Dealer
    Jane Frazer 60 


1901 Census Easingwold, Spring Street Almshouses

    Jane Fraser 80  head widow b Strensall
    Eliza Robshaw 60  visitor daughter b Strensall



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