Jane Watson

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Richard Midgley b.1776
Jane Watson b.1786
Jane Watson
William Midgley
Mark Midgley
Samuel Midgley
Elizabeth Midgley
Mary Midgley
Jane Midgley
James Midgley

Jane Watson

She was born 1786 in Market Weighton, and died in 1854 in Easingwold. 

She married Richard Midgley 29 Sep 1806 in Middleton On The Wolds, son of Richard Midgley and Elizabeth Ludrinton.  He was born 05 May 1776 in Foston By Malton, and died 1820 in Strensall, North Yorkshire. 

The children of Jane Watson and Richard Midgley were:

  • i. William Watson Midgley, born 19 Feb 1809 in Market Weighton; died 25 Mar 1834 in Tadcaster, St Mary.
  • ii. Mark Midgley, born 1811 in Middleton On The Wolds.
  • iii. Samuel Midgley, born 1814 in Strensall, North Yorkshire; died 1900 in Normanton.
  • iv. Elizabeth Midgley, born 1817 in Strensall, North Yorkshire.
  • v. Mary Midgley, born 1820 in Strensall, North Yorkshire. Mary was born 3 months after the death of her father.
  • vi. Jane Midgley, born 1821 in Strensall, North Yorkshire; died in Easingwold. (She could be the same as Mary - date of birth from the census)

Richard Midgley was buried on 2nd Apr 1820, in Strensall, North Yorkshire. He was aged 45 at his death and his occupation was a labourer.

Jane’s son James was born in 1825.

  • James Midgley, born 1825 in Appleton, Yorkshire; died 16 Mar 1902 in Birks Farm, Buttercrambe.

At the time of the birth of James in 1825 she is a widow with 4 or 5 children ranging in age from 16 to 5 years old. For the birth she goes to stay in Lastingham and James' birth is registered at Appleton le Moors in that parish.

In 1820 William Watson of Middleton married Mary Watson of Lastingham Parish and then appears to have stayed in Lastingham. Is this where she went to stay for the birth? There were a lot of Watsons in Market Weighton and also lots in Lastingham. There could easily have been a connection. She appears to return later to Strensall.

On 18th Aug 1832, in Strensall, North Yorkshire, Jane married Thomas Styan. At the time of his marriage he was described as a widower living in Strensall parish.

At the time of her second marriage in 1832 she is described as a widow, described as living in Strensall parish. Neither bride nor groom could sign their names. They were married by banns by Robert Hustwick, the curate and witnesses were James Wright and John Spruce.

In the White's Directory of 1840 for Sheriff Hutton there are two listings for Midgley;

  • Jane Midgley - Crown and Cushion, Inns and Taverns
  • Midgley Wm, smith and farrier

but Jane would have been Mrs Styan by now, so this is probably not her - there appear to have been two lots of Midgley's in the village with similar names! The William who is a vet was born 5 years before Jane's in Sheriff Hutton.

A family story about her death came from her great grand daughter Carrie Falkingham;

    “When there was a fever on - I don't know what year that was but Hannah Jane & Elizabeth were two of James kiddies & their grandmother who lived with them were sent to Easingwold out of the way of this fever. And they came back and they all 3 got it and they all 3 died”

Jane Styan's death was registered in the Oct-Nov-Dec Quarter of 1854 in the District of York. Her grand daughter Elizabeth’s was registered in the same quarter and she was buried in Strensall at the beginning of December. Her sister Hannah's death was recorded in the following quarter at the beginning of 1855.

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