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John Radford Bonson 2John Radford Bonson (1846-1923)

John Radford Bonson, son of Abraham Bonson and Emma Radford, was born on 5 Oct 1846 in Bland Street, Newington, London, was christened on 1 Aug 1858 in Trinity Church, Newington, Southwark, died on 14 May 1923 in 5 Hannover Gardens, Kennington, Lambeth, London, at age 76, and was buried on 19 May 1923 in Lambeth Cemetary, Tooting, London. 

Bonson Bible 4

From Family Bible;

John Radford Bonson born October 5th 1846, 10 minutes before 5 o clock in the morning. Registered at Newington, Surrey.

He followed in his fathers footsteps and was an Upholsterer & Foreman of John Ward (Invalid Chair) Mfrs of Tottenham Court Road. London (Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria)


At one time he had a small upholstery shop in Newington Butts, Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London.

1881 Census, 15 Pleasant Row, Lambeth, Surrey

  • John R. BONSON Head 34 Lambeth, Surrey, England Upholsterer
  • Frances J. BONSON Wife 34 Lambeth, Surrey, England 
  • Frances H. BONSON Daur   5 Lambeth, Surrey, England 
  • Ernest J. BONSON Son   3 Lambeth, Surrey, England 
  • Arthur G. BONS
    ON Son   1 Lambeth, Surrey, England 















John married Frances Jane Freeman on 12 Apr 1873 in York Street Chapel, Browning Street, Walworth. 

Children from this marriage were:

  • i. Frances Henrietta Bonson was born in 1876 and died in 1963 in Highgate, London, at age 87. 
  • ii. Ernest John Bonson was born in 1877 in Lambeth, London, England and died in 1971 in Camberwell, London, at age 94. 
  • iii. Arthur George Bonson was born in 1880 and died in 1881, at age 1. 
  • iv. William Henry Bonson was born in 1881 in Lambeth, London, England and died in 1959 in Walworth, London, at age 78. 
  • v. Lillian Ann Bonson was born in 1882 and died in 1967, at age 85. 
  • vi. Edith Florence Bonson was born on 4 Jun 1885 in 45 Renfrew Road, Kennington Lane, London, Se11 and died on 9 Feb 1953 in Brook Hospital, Shooters Hill, Woolwich, at age 67. 
  • vii. Ethel Georgina Bonson was born in 1886 and died in 1954 in Walworth, London, at age 68. 
  • viii. Rosetta Charlotte Bonson was born in 1887 and died in 1986 in Old Coulston, Surrey, at age 99. 
  • ix. Frederick Edward Bonson was born in 1892 and died in 1957, at age 65. 


Descendants of John Radford Bonson

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