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John Holbrough (1858-1939)

He was born in 1858 and like Charles would have briefly attended school. He was a farm labourer of 13 years old in Winchcombe on the census of 1871. Sometime in the next ten years, like so many other young men of the time, he left the village and the poorly paid work on the land.

He appears on the census of 3rd April 1881 in Buckley Hall, Wardleworth, near Rochdale in Lancashire as a manservant in the household of George Schofield, woolen manufacturer. His brother Charles was visiting at the time.

But he did not stay here either. According to the family, Uncle Jack Holbrough came to Goole for a while to work and lodged with Granny Epworth. This could be where his brother Charles met Jane Anne Wilson.

He married Priscilla Hall and lived in Birmingham. On the 1901 Census he was a domestic gardener living on the Coventry Road in Solihull, near  Birmingham. In later life was a school caretaker. He died in 1939 aged 81.

John had three daughters, Clara, Winifred and Elsie. None of them married. Elsie Holbrough, the youngest daughter, was the manageress of a Bingo Hall in Birmingham. The middle daughter was Winifred Holbrough, and the eldest daughter, Clara never married but had a daughter, Phyllis Holbrough. She too never married but had a son Colin Holbrough.


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