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Uncle Mark Midgley (1)Mark Midgley

He was born 1811 in Middleton On The Wolds.  He married Margaret.  She was born 1812 in Nunburnholme.

At the time of his birth his father is described as a labourer. He was registered as ‘Mark, son of Richard Midgley, labourer by his wife Jane’.


1841 Census Pocklington, Chapmangate

    Mark Midgley 25  Tailor
    Margaret Midgley 25 
    John Midgley 7 
    William Midgley 4 
    Mark Midgley 2 
    Richard Midgley 2 Mo 


1851 Census Pocklington, Great George Street

    Mark Midgley 38  tailor b middleton
    Aunt Lizzie (1)Margret Midgley 37  b Nunburnholme
    William Midgley 14  b Pocklington
    Richard Midgley 10  b Pocklington
    James Midgley 7  b Pocklington
    Mark Midgley 5  b Pocklington
    Thomas Midgley 3  b Pocklington
    Charles Midgley 1  b Pocklington


1861 Census Pocklington

    Mark Midgley 50  Tailor "Master" b Middleton
    Margaret Midgley 49 
    James Midgley 17  Sadlers Apprentice
    Mark Midgley 15  Carter
    Charles Midgley 11  Scholar
    Mary J Midgley 8  Scholar
    Elizabeth Midgley 5  Scholar


1871 Census Pocklington, Great George Street

    Mark Midgley 60  Tailor
    Margaret Midgley 59 
    Richard Midgley 30  Brewer
    Charles Midgley 21  Stonemason (apprentice)
    Elizabeth Midgley 15  Servant (out of employment)
    Lydia Anderson 34  Lodger, Charwoman b Burton Agnes


 1881 Census Pocklington, No 30 Great George Street

    Mark Midgley 69  Tailor
    Margaret Midgley 68 
    Richard Midgley 40  Brewer
    Thomas Midgley 33  Horse Breaker
    Charles Midgley 30  Stone Mason


1891 Census Pocklington, George Street

    Marck Midgley 79  widower Horse Carter
    Charles Midgley 41  Stone Mason


    Richard is a lodger in Whitby.


The children of Mark Midgley and Margaret were:

    • i. John Midgley, born 1834 in Pocklington.
    • ii. William Midgley, born 1837 in Pocklington.
    • iii. Mark Midgley, born 1839 in Pocklington.
    • iv. Richard Midgley, born 1841 in Pocklington
    • v. James Midgley, born 1844 in Pocklington.
    • File0001 (12)vi. Mark Midgley, born 1846 in Pocklington, Humberside.  He married Elizabeth Raine; born 1846 in York, North Yorkshire. Mark was a photographer. His photograph studio was at 51 Fossgate, York. His relatives lived in York. Some of them Midgley's were related to the Burkes, Builders - biggest folks in York. One was an attendant at asylum. Lizzie was Marks wife. Lilly & Sally are daughters. At the 1881 Census he was aged 35, living at his Father in Law, Thomas Raine's house in York St Leonards with his wife
    • Yard Regent St (23), York St Lawrence
      • Thomas RAINE, W, 59, M, York, York, England, Rel:, Head, Occ:, Tailor
      • Mark MIDGLEY, M, 35, M, Pocklington, York, England, Rel:, Son In Law, Occ:, Photographer
      • Elizabeth MIDGLEY, M, 35, F, York, York, England, Rel:, Daur, ,
      • Frances M. MIDGLEY,  , 6, F, York, York, England, Rel:, Grand Daughter, Occ:, Scholar
    • vii. Thomas Midgley, born 1848 in Pocklington.
    • viii. Charles Midgley, born 1850 in Pocklington.
    • ix. Mary J Midgley, born 1853 in Pocklington.
    • x. Elizabeth Midgley, born 1856 in Pocklington.



Mark Midgley

lizzie crop

Fanny Marks daughter

Lily Midgley

Mark Midgley Junior

His wife Lizzie

Their daughter Fanny

Their daughter Lily

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