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mary cropMary Midgley

She was born 1864 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire; died 17 Mar 1942 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire. 

george cropShe married George Hodgeson.


Her niece Daisy remembered;

    “Of my aunts on my fathers side I knew my Aunt Mary who lived at East End Farm at Sheriff Hutton. She was always known as Polly. She had George William (He always got both names), Peter, Ruth & Percy - he was killed in the war. They lived at Sheriff Hutton.

    Aunt Polly had East End Farm at Sheriff Hutton, it was next door to the church and after our tea we used to sit in the front room window and watch to see who was going to church that night, that was a regular routine. I didn't go to a service at the church there although I have been in the church a few times. I didn't know then that Grandad Midgley had lived in Sheriff Hutton.

    I sometimes went to Sheriff Hutton and loved to go round the old castle ruins - that is if there were not too many cows grazing in the parkland. I used to play with a half cousin who lived a couple of miles away.”


    Carries postcards - Sheriff Hutton from Eva

    A postcard of East End, Sheriff Hutton sent by Eva.

    "When there was a fever on - I don't know what year that was but Hannah Jane & Elizabeth were two of James kiddies & their grandmother who lived with them were sent to Easingwold out of the way of this fever. And they came back and they all 3 got it and they all 3 died. Aunt Annie & Aunt Polly got this fever & they lost all of their hair. Well Aunt Annie' Hair never grew. She was all prim & proper & kept her cap on, but Aunt Polly she used to take her wig off & chase kids and her hair grew! Grandmother used to tell me these things." Carrie


At the 1881 census she was in service at Sheriff Hutton Park, Sheriff Hutton W Cornbrough, York. Her sister Anne Elizabeth was the cook.

John COATES, M, 26, M, Addingham, York, England, Rel:, Head, Occ:, M A Cantab No Occupation
Mary Eliza COATES, M, 28, F, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Wife,
John COATES, U, 3, M, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Son,
Maude Mary COATES, U, 2, F, Broughton, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Daughter,
Eliza COATES, U, 6 m, F, Fallowfield, Lancashire, England, Rel:, Daughter,
Benjamin BURK, U, 25, M, Sanby, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Groom Domestic Servt
Edward CASTLING, U, 28, M, Newcastle, Northumberland, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Groom Domestic Servt
Thomas SMITH, U, 21, M, Coln St Atchims, Gloucester, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Footman Domestic Servant
Ellen RUSSELL, U, 24, F, Wotton, Warwick, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Nurse Domestic Servant
Elizabeth MIDGLEY, U, 23, F, Strensall, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Cook Domestic Servant
Mary MIDGLEY, U, 20, F, Strensall, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Underhousemaid Domestic Servt
Clara MORRIT, U, 20, F, Cakwood, York, England, Rel:, Servant, Occ:, Housemaid Domestic Servt


Note to Mrs Jackson, Croft House, Wistow 8.45am 17 March 1942

    from Sheriff Hutton, Monday
    Dear Aunt Carrie
    Mother passed away today, funeral on Thursday at 2 o'clock.
    In haste

Letter to Mrs Jackson, Croft House, Wistow 24th March 1942

    from  Carlton Farm, Stockton on Forest
    Dear Aunt Carrie
    I can hardly say how sorry I am to have put the address wrong on your letter last week but you will really have to forgive me. There seemed so much to do in the stress of our grief for although the Dr. gave no hope whatever of Mother pulling through when the end came it was a terrible shock to us.
    You will be pleased to know that her end came very peacefull pour old soul. No one knows how she has suffered these last three years but we hope that she has found eternal rest now.
    Aunt Lena and Uncle George came to the funeral and we all wondered why you had not come, anyway it can't be helped now and you have one consolation, she spoke to you on Sat and that was the last we could understand. We all miss her terribly, then there was so much to do for her and everything seems so empty now.
    Well I must close and hope you will have a trip over to see us this summer although there will be a vacant chair.
    Hope you are all well
    Your loving neice

Polly & Eva (1)

Mary midgley (1)

Mary at Hannahs wedding

polly midgley at Harriets funeral

Mary with Eva, photo taken by her Uncle Mark

Another portrait as a young woman

Mary at Hannah’s Wedding

Mary at Harriets Funeral


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