Richard b. 1803

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Richard Midgley

He was born 21 Sep 1803 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire. His occupations are given as a Servant and a Gardener

He married Matilda Cox 05 Jan 1829 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire.  She was born 1809 in Dale.



The children of Richard Midgley and Matilda Cox were:

  • i. Sophia Midgley, born 12 Oct 1829 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire
  • ii. Joseph Midgley, born 1831 in Weaverthorpe.
  • iii. Charles Midgley, born 1833 in Willerby by Scarborough.
  • iv. Sarah Midgley, born 1835 in Willerby by Scarborough.
  • v. Matthew Midgley, born 1836.
  • vi. Ellen Midgley, born 1838 in Scarborough.
  • vii. Sarah Midgley, born 1841 in Scarborough.
  • viii. Richard Midgley, born 1844 in Scarborough.
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