Samuel Midgley

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samuel Q cropSamuel Midgley

He was born 1814 in Strensall, North Yorkshire, and died 1900 in Normanton. 

He married Sarah Wright on 24th Jan 1837 in Linton On Ouse.  She was born 30 Jun 1808 in Strensall, North Yorkshire, and died 18 Jul 1897.


1841 Census, Stillingfleet, Kelfield

    Samuel Midgley 26  Agricultural Labourer
    Sarah Midgley 30  Dressmaker
    William Midgley 2 


1851 Census

    Samuel Midgley 36  Agricultural Labourer b Strensall
    Sarah Midgley 40  Dressmaker b Linton On Ouse
    William Midgley 11  Scholar b Kelfield
    Mary Midgley 9  Scholar b Kelfield
    Samuel Midgley 7  Scholar b Kelfield
    Sarah Midgley 4  b Kelfield
    Mark Midgley 2  b Kelfield
    John W Midgley 6 Mo  b Kelfield


1861 Census Bishop Thornton, Ripon  "Drovers Inn"

    Samuel Midgley 45  Farmer of 19.75 Acres & Innkeeper b Strensall
    Sarah Midgley 49 
    Samuel Midgley 17 
    Sarah Midgley 14  Scholar
    Mark Midgley 12  Scholar
    John Wright Midgley 10 
    Thomas Midgley 8 


1871 Census Brinsworth , Rotherham, Haworth Hall

    Samuel Midgley 55  Gardener b Strensall
    Sarah Midgley 59  Housewife b Linton Upon Ouse
    Sarah Midgley 23  Dressmaker b Kelfield
    Arther Hall Midgley 2  b Darfield


1881 Census No 3 Steel St, Kimberworth

    Samuel Midgley, head, age 66, born Strensall, Gardener (Domestic)
    Sarah Midgley, wife, age 69, born Linton Upon Ouse.
    Arthur H. Midgley, grandson, age 12,  born Darfield, York, Scholar


1891 Census Normanton, 9 Princess Street

    Samuel Midgley 76  Gardener
    Sarah Midgley 74 
    Arthur S Midgley 22  Railway Engineer, Fireman


Letter from William Midgley (son) to cousin Carrie 1898

    I heard today that my dear father is in excellent health and spirits and is making preparations for visiting you on Saturday and spending a few days with you. I want him to bring a rug with him to wrap his legs in while in the train but I apprehend I shall have a difficulty - I can imagine him saying "Get out with thee! I nooan want thee rugs - I've never been used to coddling me self wi sich things - I shall be warm enough." You know dear cousin that "Young folks" are very reckless about themselves - you can only pursuade them to do as they like and dear father is one of that sort. He is a funny creature and a genuine Midgley from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot.


Death of Supt. Midgley's Father

    On Wednesday the death took place at Normanton of Mr Samuel Midgley, the father of Mr Wm. Midgley, Superintendant of the Dewsbury West Riding Police Division. The deceased gentleman, who was 86 years of age, lived a modest and unassuming life. He was well-known as a practical farmer, and only a short time before his death he assisted his brother, Mr James Midgley of Buttercramb, near Stamford Bridge, in harvesting operations. Mr Midgley comes of a family remarkable for its longevity. Only a few years ago he celebrated his diamond wedding, and his brother and sister (both living) have each celebrated their golden weddings. The funeral takes place to-day at Masborough.


The children of Samuel Midgley and Sarah Wright were:

    • i. William Midgley, born 01 Apr 1839 in Kelfield, Stillingfleet; died 08 Apr 1912.  He married Elizabeth 1865 in Dewsbury; born 1839 in Welldale, York.
    • ii. Mary Midgley, born 1842 in Kelfield.  She married George Buckie; died 18 Dec 1912 in Thirsk.
    • iii. Samuel Midgley, born 20 Jan 1844 in Kelfield; died 17 Jan 1945 in Hillside, Michigan USA.  He married Mary Jane Handley 1870; died 06 Oct 1896 in Traverse City USA.
    • iv. Sarah Midgley, born 1847 in Kelfield.
    • v. Mark Midgley, born 08 Sep 1848 in Kelfield; died 15 Apr 1934 in Middlesborough.  He married Jane Ann; born in Danby.
    • vi. John Wright Midgley, born 1850 in Kelfield.
    • vii. Thomas Midgley, born 1853 in Kelfield; died 27 Jul 1870.

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