Sarah b.1869

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Sarah Jane Holbrough (1869 -1940)


From Eric Holbrough

    "I never knew much about Aunt Sarah, in fact I  didn't even know I had one until she died and then we got this solicitors letter in 1940 saying that we had all got a few pounds from her will."

In the 1901 Census for Stonehouse in Gloucestershire she is aged 31 and a Domestic Cook. According to Barbara, she never married and  was a housekeeper for a Doctor in Hayward's Heath, Sussex.

The solicitors who dealt with her estate were from Coventry. She left an estate worth around three hundred and fifty pounds which was divided between the children of her brothers and sisters. Eric's share was six pounds ten shillings and tuppence. After enquiries in Canada they had discovered that Clara Grinnel was dead and had been unable to trace George so his share was left in trust.

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