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Gideon & Sarah JohnsonSarah Lockwood

She was born Jan 1843 in Wetwang With Fimber, Yorkshire; died 1929. 

She married Gideon Johnson 25 Nov 1867; born 1838; died 1927.


1851 Census Fimber

Sarah is an 8 year old child - one of 5 still at home


1861 Census - Sheriff Hutton

Sarah who was 18 and a Farmers Servant was visiting her sister Ruth who was married with 5 children


1871 England Census - High Catton

She is now 28 and married to Gideon Johnson aged 32 from Gate Helmsley. She has two daughters, Grace Johnson  aged 10 months and Hannah Johnson aged 2 who were born at Gate Hemsley.


Here niece, Carrie Falkingham later recalled;

    “Sarah - she married Gideon Johnson. She came & attended mother when I was born. Her daughters were Grace & Hannah”



Old newspaper cutting

Family of 12 whose combined ages add up to 794.

    11 brothers & sisters whose combined ages add up to 794 years - that surely is a record. That distinction belongs to the Johnson family of High Catton near Stamford Bridge. The oldest member who celebrates her 80th birthday next Sunday (1950) All were brought up in the 6 roomed house at High Catton where 10 of them were born. The oldest was born at Gate Helmsley a month before their parents emigrated to High Catton.

    sarah & gideon johnson bwNow 3 of the Johnson brothers are in Canada. Joseph went there in 1907 when he was 31 and he was joined there his wife 6 months later. William crossed the Atlantic in 1910 when he was 30 taking his bride to be with him and being married there soon after they arrived. Jack was a railway worker but at the age of 48 and no doubt inspired by his two brothers already there he too left his job in 1920 with his wife and they are now living in Winnipeg. Before joining the Railway Company he was a tailor in York.

    The other day the three Canadian brothers had a get together the first for 42 years to celebrate the visit of George Alfred of Gate Helmsley (that's the one who was a postman) until he retired in 1946. After that his first job was to take his wife and one of his daughters to Canada by air. One of the reasons was that Mrs Johnson's aged mother, also in Canada was ill and wanted to see her daughter. After spending 2 years in Canada Mr & Mrs Johnson returned to Yorkshire, leaving their daughter across the Atlantic and before their homecoming a reunion of the 4 brothers was arranged in Winnipeg.

    Their parents too enjoyed great years, their father living to be 84 & their mother 2 years older.

    Sunday marks the birthday of the oldest, Mrs Hannah Broadley now 80 of Fulford. Then comes Mrs Grace Kirk, 79 of Bromsby, Mr Jack Johnson 77, of Winnipeg, Miss Lillian Johnson 76 of Gate Helmsley, and Mrs Louisa Sharp who celebrated her Golden Wedding in 1946 at her home in Ferrybridge. Coming down the age scale there is Mr Joseph Johnson, 73, now in Saskatchewan and 71 year old Mr Gideon Johnson of Sherburn in Elmet who lost two sons in the war but who still has 6 daughters living. Then comes under their 70's, Mr William Johnson, 69 in Saskatchewan, Miss Elizabeth Johnson 67 of gate Helmsley, Mr George Alfred Johnson 65 of Gate Helmsley & Mr Ernest Johnson 63 of Dringhouses. You need a good memory to be a Johnson.


Gideon & Sarah Johnson olderCarrie Falkinghams memories;

    Lily & Elsie were the last 2 who were living at home. Lily was engaged to a chap - Althwaite & then he emigrated and abandoned her & Elsie - she was a bit ninny - she never did marry.  They lived at home with Gideon & Sarah. We called to see them once at a little cottage at Gate Helmsley & they gave me a little black kitten and then at Christmas they sent a postcard to this kitten and a rabbits tail on a bit of string that it used to play with.


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