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SelenaSelina Midgley

She was born in 1865 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire

william cropShe married William Lofthouse in 1898. He was commonly known as Billy and their children were Eddie, Ruth, George, Arthur & Enid. They lived in York. He drove trams.


Her niece Carrie explained how she got her unusual name;

    “Her Uncle Aaron Lockwood went to America & married a lady called Selina & she wrote to grandmother & said if she named her next child after her she would remember her. & that was Aunt 'Lena, (Selina) & when she died she received a legacy - I never knew how much & she bought them all a broach and I have the broach that she bought mother. And I have grandmother's broach.


William Lofthouse




Letter to Mrs Jackson, Croft House Wistow 23rd April 1939
from Maud at 537 Rooley Lane, Bradford
    Uncle Willie came to (Dad's) funeral. Aunt Lena was just fair he said and Ruth had started work again after Easter, she has had a long spell since before Xmas.
Letter to Mrs C Jackson, Croft House Wistow 26th August 1950
From Hannah, 3 Edith Street, Tynemouth
     I heard from Clem this AM. He says Willy Lofthouse is having some trouble with Edwin about the house, they want him to get out and have gone as far as to send the inspector to visit the property. He says his sons have all turned against him. I feel sorry for him but he should be in a smaller place. Clem says he calls to see him as he is so lonely and downhearted.


selina & billy lofthouse

Selina Midgley by Hargreaves (2)

Selina midgley at Harriets funeral

Selina & Billy Lofthouse as newlyweds

Selina as a young woman

Selina at Harriets Funeral

Selina & Family

Selina & Billy and their family on holiday

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