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sophia cropSophia Midgley

She was born in 1856 in Strensall, North Yorkshire; died 18 Aug 1945. 

She married twice.

Henry Woodliffe

(1) Henry Woodliffe on 25 Nov 1878 in Moreton cum Moxby; he was born 20 Sep 1855 in Ulceby, Lincolnshire; died 29 Oct 1908 in Primrose Hill Farm. 




Albert Palk

 (2) Albert Edward Palk on 24 Dec 1914 in Register Office, York; he was born 1862 in Clevedon, , Somerset, England. He was an Army Surveyor


Her niece Daisy recalled;

    Of my aunts on my fathers side I knew my Aunt Sophia, Mrs. Polk the best. She was married to Henry Woodliffe, a farmer and they had Henry, Annie, Lena, Lily, Mary, Luke. Ruth, William, John and Olive  Then her husband died and she married again in her 60's to a Mr. Polk who lived on the next farm - Primrose Hill Farm, at Stamford Bridge, so I knew her and all the little Woodliffe's. She used to do 'Pricky Hearth Rugs' non stop.

    I don't remember her first husband. She was always Aunt Polk as I remember her first. Carries Mum never thought she ought to have married again. She met her when she was in York and she said, "Why, aren't you OK as you are?" And she said, "I'm old enough to do as I like!"


Pictured above; the Woodliffe family outside Primrose Hill Farm in the early 1900’s, Sophia is seated in the centre.

Several of the Woodliffes are also shown on the Threshing Photo with James Midgley


At the 1881 census she was visiting Crayke

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 William DENNIS   Head   M   Male   54   Wombleton, York, England   Farmer Of 57 Acres    
 Elizabeth DENNIS   Wife   M   Female   44   Sutton On The Forest, York, England   Farmers Wife    
 Mary DENNIS   Daur   U   Female   21   Sand Hutton, York, England   Farmers Daur    
 John DENNIS   Son   U   Male   18   Sand Hutton, York, England   Farmers Son    
 Elisabeth DENNIS   Daur   U   Female   16   Sand Hutton, York, England   Farmers Daur    
 Sarah E. DENNIS   Daur   U   Female   14   Sand Hutton, York, England   Farmers Daur    
 Christopher DENNIS   Son      Male   11   Crayke, York, England   Farmers Son    
 William DENNIS   Son      Male   9   Crayke, York, England   Scholar    
 Luke A. DENNIS   Son      Male   4   Crayke, York, England       
 Henry WOODCLIFFE   Visitor   M   Male   25   Wheeby, Lincoln, England   Farmer    
 Sophia WOODCLIFFE   Visitor Wife   M   Female   25   Strensall, York, England   Farmer Wife    
 Henry WOODCLIFFE   Visitor Son      Male   1   Little Ouseburn, York, England       
 Hannah HORNER   Mother In Law   W   Female   79   Tholthorpe, York, England   Annuitant    


sophia & Selina

Sophia (left) next to her sister Selina on a day out at the seaside.

She died in 1945 at the age of 89 and was buried at Buttercrambe with her first Husband.


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