Thomas b. 1801

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Thomas Midgley

He was born 10 Jun 1801 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire and was an Agricultural Labourer. 

He married Mary.  She was born Abt. 1798 in Rillington.


The children of Thomas Midgley and Mary were:

  • i. Matthew Midgley, born 1822 in Duggleby; died 1835 in Duggleby.
  • ii. Amy Midgley, born 15 Jul 1824 in Duggleby; died 1831 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire.
  • iii. Mary Midgley, born 1828 in Duggleby
  • iv. Jane Midgley, born 18 Mar 1830 in Duggleby.  She married Francis Bainton; born 1822 in Sinnington.
  • v. Emma Midgley, born 12 Dec 1831 in Duggleby
  • vi. Martha Midgley, born 13 Mar 1833 in Duggleby
  • vii. Abel Midgley, born 1838 in Duggleby. He married Elizabeth in 1861.  She was born 1840 in Scrayingham. The Children of Abel Midgley and Elizabeth were:
    • i. Emma Midgley, born 1863 in Duggleby.
    • ii. William Midgley, born 1864 in Duggleby
    • iii. Mary Midgley, born 1870 in Duggleby
    • iv. Fred Midgley, born 1873 in Duggleby
    • v. George Midgley, born 1876 in Duggleby
    • vi. John Thomas Midgley, born 1861 in Acklam; died 1945 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire.  He married Fanny Midgley 1887; born 1863 in Duggleby; died 1946 in Kirkby Gryndlyth, North Yorkshire.


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