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william midgley by monkhouse (1)William Midgley

He was born 1861 in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire. 

He married Clara; born 1852 in Helmsley Gate.


His niece Daisy remembered stories about William Midgley:

    William was the middle brother and he had the Bay Horse at Stamford Bridge although I only knew him by reputation as he had died before I was old enough to remember him. Apparently one day William was challenged to put a man out of the pub without using his hands. He took up the challenge and bit him by his lug and dragged him out. Unfortunately this led to him loosing his  licence.

     He died young and dad told a yarn about how they both decided to take out life insurance. They went to a doctor for a certificate and William got his, but dad was turned down because of his heart. Dad lived to be 70 while William died in his 40's.

    William married Clara. Blanche & Arthur & Herbert were their children. Blanche went as ladies maid to someone. His son Arthur came to live with us at Birks farm for a while after his fathers death and became almost one of the family. My sister was a bridesmaid when he got married.


bay horse


We don’t know who the stylish young men in the picture are but you can see William’s name above the door.


At the 1901 census, he had moved on to the "Old Dog Inn", Wistow, York;

William Midgley, aged 40 a farmer and Innkeeper, born at Strensall, Clara, his wife aged 39 born at Helmsley Gate who works in the pub, Arthur his son aged 11 who was born in Pocklington and his daughter Blanche, aged 9 and son Herbert aged 6 who were born at Stamford Bridge. There is also a visitor, Arthur Wallas, aged 1 from Clifton in York.


The children of William Midgley and Clara were:

i. Arthur Midgley, born 1890 in Pocklington, Humberside; died 19 Apr 1964 in Stockton On Forest, North Yorkshire. He married Ada Drury 19 Jun 1912.  She was born 1893, and died 06 May 1974 in Stockton On Forest, North Yorkshire. They celebrated their Golden Wedding together.

ii. Blanche Midgley, born 1892 in Stamford Bridge, East Yorkshire; died in Skirpenbeck. She married Lance Dale. Her cousin Daisy remembered; “That branch of the family were a bit prone to T.B. because Blanche died of it when she was in her late thirties. She married Lance Dale and went to live at Skirpenbeck. When she was poorly they had like a summerhouse in the garden and she used to sleep in that and at one period Marjorie went to live with them to help with the cooking and in the house when Blanche wasn't able to do it.”

iii. Herbert Midgley, born 1895 in Stamford Bridge, East Yorkshire; died in Australia. Herbert went to Drax Grammar School and then he went to Australia and never came back. He was believed to have died in Sydney while working on the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.




Harriet Polly Lena & william By Monkhouse

clara blanche arthur midgley

william midgley tintype

William Midgley (1)

William with his sisters Harriet, Polly & Lena

His daughter Blanche, wife Clara and son Albert Midgley on the donkey

An old Tin Type portrait of William

William, a bit older

Arthur Midgleys wedding (4)

His son Arthur’s wedding in June 1912 to Ada Drury saw a major ‘gathering of the clan’

Arthur Midgleys wedding (6)

arthur crop

blanche crop



Arthur Midgley. Daisy remembered that her dad, George and Arthur were ‘big buddies’ and he used to come and visit the farm often

Blanche Midgley. She married Lance Dale and died fairly young of T.B.

Blanche with two of her children



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