William Lockwood

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William Lockwood

He was born Jun 1835 in Wetwang With Fimber, Yorkshire.

He too went to America and is mentioned in Aarons letter of @ 1863 from Jackson County, Michigan (spellings corrected)

     'William was here this last night and he sent his best love to you all'

He was also mentioned in Selinas letter of 1863;

    'William and Josephs family are all well. They were all here a few days ago. William talks of boarding with us this winter and going to school. Poor fellow has worked hard this summer, I hope he will enjoy himself this summer.” 

He was then mentioned again in Selinas letter of 1866;

    ' Well William how are you enjoying old England with your friends. By this time I suppose we shall see you with your English wife comeing some of these days. Please tell us when we can look for you so I can have a kettle of potatoes boiled and some beef Roasted for we hear the cattle are all dying of their..... Mr Heldred returned last summer says if William does not come back soon he shall go and fetch him.'

Born in Fimber, East Yorkshire he went to Michigan, America with his brother Aaron, but returned to England to marry.

By 1874, Aaron added 40 more acres to his holdings, giving him 120 in total.  Twenty years later, a two acre portion of it is listed as the residence of "W.L." (probably William Lockwood). 

At the Census in 1880 William was a farmer at Concord, Jackson, married to Sarah from England but with five children born in Michigan.

By 1901, all the Lockwoods have disappeared from the Jackson County directory. 

However, the records of a local genealogist there include a listing for a Mary Anna Lockwood, daughter of William and Sarah, who was born in England on June 22, 1869, but there are no other references to the family.

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